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About Graphic Brand

Graphic Brand is a small, innovative, full service marketing studio based in Winnipeg, Canada that is owned and operated by Principal Graphic Designer Stephen Price – a fresh thinker with ‘big’ ideas, who has developed a close association with local businesses in Nassau, Bahamas and over the years has worked together with numerous small ‘start up’ businesses, as well as large established companies and organizations specializing in producing spectacular creative branding and solutions in graphic logo design, brand identity, marketing, domain name and website development.

The success story is one which continues to unfold on a daily basis.

What to expect

The work is known by its simplicity, intuitiveness and its effective communication of the brand. The process is recognized by a no-strings attached approach which provides the clients with the tools to create and maintain a consistent and powerful brand presence long after project completion. Knowing your company is a vital component of the process – it allows me to custom design a project to satisfy your specific business requirements. In doing so, you will enjoy knowing that you will have total control over your project, while not having to shoulder the responsibility of the strategy. The design procedure, guarantees your style will stimulate the reaction you need to catch the attention of the appropriate clients and target market consumers for your business, product or service.

In closing, and while I have your attention – and to further promote and solidify the passion I hold for the industry, I would like to mention that I am continuing to work and develop the Bahamas Graphic Design Association (BDGA) website, which has not yet been officially launched, and still has a few weeks or months of work before it will be complete – with the long term intent of it being the primary national collective for graphic artists, illustrators and web developers by providing a forum and offering an ‘official’ representation of the contributions and/or the involvement of those currently working, and those who aspire to seek work that is relevant to the visual communication industry in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.





Stephen Price

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